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Welcome to Term 3 for 2016!

Term 3 finishes Friday 23rd September 2016

We are excited to say that we are now the proud owners of a new Olympic size Trampoline with “Fly away” ends (matting on the front and back of the trampoline), a new Double Mini Tramp and new matting! We have also replaced a cover on our single mini tramp and we are currently awaiting for our new crash matt and bar matt covers!!! As well as all of that, we have had our floor matts professionally cleaned also! They were long overdue for a freshen up and now they are all ready for Term 3!  We are very excited with the new equipment and look forward to the children getting good use out of them for the years to come!! 
Moving onto our classes, we would like to remind you that we do not allow the children to leave the hall without a parent present. Please ensure that you come into the hall to collect your child once the class has finished.  We would also like to thank the parents that come in at the end of the night to help pack away the equipment.  It is a big job to pull out and pack away the equipment each day and your help goes a long way.  We would like to encourage parents to give 5 minutes of your time to help pack away the equipment as we would all like to get home and to our families at the end of the night.  We hope you have a wonderful term 3!


During Term 2, we had  some more competitions that our Level 3+ gymnasts had the opportunity to attend!  We are VERY proud of our girls and would like to congratulate them on their efforts so far, this year.  All  our girls have had fantastic improvements on their scores this year, and we look forward to the scores they will achieve at State Championships in the coming weeks!!  The most recent competitions have been an invitational at Carmel and Co in Barrick Heights and the Secondary High Schools Gymnastics Trials competition held in Nowra. The first competition for Term 3 is Secondary High Schools State Championships in Glendale, Newcastle. We have 6 of our girls traveling up on the first week in August and we wish them all, the very best of luck! Have a fantastic time girls!

Mark Your Calendar 

NO GYM dates: 

Tuesday, 26th July—High School Monday,

22 August—High School


LEOTARD STAND—Final update! 

We have finally received all of our shorts and leotards!  We have brand new leotards starting from $45.00 and shorts starting from $25.00  We also have pre loved leotards for purchase! If you have a leotard you wish to pop on the rack, please pin and envelope on the front of it with your name, price and a contact number so we can call you once its been sold.  We look forward to helping you find your next training outfit!


Our Coaches

Currently, 5 of our coaches are undertaking their beginners coaches course. This is not a simple process but a lengthy one. Each course (Beginner, Intermediate, advance) has an online component, a face to face component and then a bookwork element which in total can take a year or more to complete due to availability of courses and their location, funds, coach availability and time to complete bookwork, & being able to travel to the destination.  Ash, Ave, Casey, Chloe and Lilly have all completed their online component and recently, Ave and Lilly were able to travel to Wollongong for the 1 day face to face element. The girls both passed all their requirements for the day and now are required to complete their assessments and hand them in.  We also have 1 coach completing their Advanced qualifications and travelled to Sydney at the start of the school holidays to complete the face to face module and also passed all the requirements for the day. Jodie still has several more modules to complete but is able to coach the level 3+ girls at State competitions now which is a massive benefit to our club.
We are very fortunate that all of the coaches are taking the initiative to gain coaching qualifications and put in their time for the club.  Thankyou Coaches.


Fee Reminder

Just a reminder regarding payment of class and term fees. 
Monday Recreation classes and Trampoline classes are paid by the week. But may be paid by the term if this suits you. The term fee amount works out to be cheaper if you are able to do that option.   Monday Level 1/2, Tuesday Rec and Levels is a Term fee payment. This is required by the 4th week unless otherwise arranged with your coach. 
Thanks for your co-operation.


Carmel & Co Competitors


Level 3

Tegan Ricketts, Anika Smith, Clare McDonald, Amie Smith, Amelia Roklitzer, Paige Eggins, Brodie McCluskey


Level 4

Charlotte Dedden, Chloe Scott, Casey Dorrell, Annabelle Healey

 Level 5

Imogen Bye

Term 2 is underway!

Term 2 finishes Friday 1st July 2016

Welcome back to Term 2 of Gymnastics for 2016. We hope you all enjoyed your school holidays.


What a fantastic start to the year we have had!

In term 1 we ran our annual chocolate fundraiser. We are proud to say that we have raised $2504 so far (a couple boxes still to be returned) and are looking into equipment repairs / purchases. A big thankyou to all our gymnasts and their parents / carers for their efforts in selling the chocolates! We truly appreciate it. We also like to give a big thanks to our fundraising coordinator, Lee Dorrell. Thankyou Lee for ensuring the process went smoothly and for mixing all the boxes for the kids to sell. 
Congratulations to Amie Smith (Level 3+) who was the winner of the MASSIVE 4.5kg Toblerone and Evie Kenny (Tuesday Rec) who was the winner of the $50 rebel sports voucher!  Enjoy girls and parents!!



We have recently ordered all new leotards, shorts and crop tops for our leotard stand!  Some items are on back order and we will receive them in several weeks time, but please keep an eye out for them.
Also, if you have any leotards you wish to sell, pop an envelope on the front with you name, number and how much and we will place the money inside and let you know once its been sold.


Mark Your Calendar

NO GYM dates:

23rd May—Monday, High School using hall

13th June—Monday, Public Holiday

21st June—Tuesday, High School using hall

24th June—Friday, TBC


Our First Competition for 2016

On the 1st May, we selected 20 gymnasts to compete in Nowra at their first competition for 2016.  In this competition we had 4 gymnasts compete either for the first time or a new level. 
Our club as a whole performed their routines and skills beautifully and we even received compliments from judges and parents from other clubs about our girls routines! We are VERY proud of them!
We congratulate Skye Randazzo and Julia Armstrong for competing in level 1 for the first time! It can be daunting going to a competition but the girls did a terrific job! Then we had Tegan Ricketts compete in level 3 for the first time and she had a fantastic competition! There is a big jump from the level 2 routine to the level 3 and we are very impressed with her efforts.
Lastly we had Charlotte Dedden compete in her first level 4 comp. Charlotte was a bit nervous about moving up but also had a fantastic day!

All of the routines / structure for Gymnastics Australia underwent a massive change last year including a new scoring system.  Instead of there being the top 6 places in each level, the children are “banded” for each apparatus and then overall from level 3 and up.
We had girls compete in levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 and we had first place bandings in each session!

Congratulations to all the girls!

Level 1: Skye Randazzo, Julia Armstrong, Madilyn Turner.
Banding System:
First: Red
Second: Purple
Third: Blue
Fourth: Gold

Banding System:
First: White
Second: Gold
Third: Yellow
Fourth: Purple



Level 3: Clare McDonald, Amelia Roklitzer, Brodie McCluskey, Tegan Ricketts, Anika Smith, Paige Eggins

Banding System:
First: Blue, Score of 9.5 or above
Second: Red, Score of 9-.49
Third: Green, Score of 8-8.49
Fourth: Gold, Score of 7.99 and below


Level 4: (Below picture) Hailey Barker, Annabelle Healey, Chloe Scott, Casey Dorrell, Charlotte Dedden

Banding System:
First: Blue, Score of 9.5 or above
Second: Red, Score of 9-.49
Third: Green, Score of 8-8.49
Fourth: Gold, Score of 7.99 and below



Term 1 Newsletter

Welcome to Gymnastics for 2016!

 Term 1 finishes Friday 8th April 2016

We welcome all our new and existing gymnasts, parents and carers!

Last year we implemented an electronic newsletter that came out each term to save notes going home and getting lost. We will continue to do this for 2016 and hope that it helps parents with organising  their children's sports. We also update our facebook page for any new / reminder / or urgent information, so please go over and ‘Like’ our page to stay up to date.
Each newsletter we send out will have dates that we are unable to use the hall.  Please ensure you pop these on your calendars and in your diaries. Reminders will only be placed on FB and verbally through the children.
We remind parents that  we do not allow the children out of the hall at the end of  class without a parent. Please ensure that you collect your children from the hall and please advise the coaches if your child is going home with someone else.
If training gear is needed for your child we have a leotard stand with new and second hand leotards, crop tops and shorts. Please see your coach if you have any questions about training wear.
In the upcoming weeks, we will be ordering Cadbury’s Chocolate Fundraising boxes and handing them out to the children to sell.

All registration fees must be paid by your child's 3rd visit and term fees by week 4. If there are any difficulties with payment, please speak with your child's coach so that we can arrange something to help.


Mark Your Calendar
NO GYM dates:

Friday 25th March

Monday 28th March

No K’Gym– 29th Feb, 1st, 28th March


We are trialling a Senior Rec and Advanced Recreational class!

We often have older children wishing to try gymnastics but the Monday rec classes are too young for them. Or, we have children that don’t wish to compete/not ready to compete but need a challenge; So for 2016 we have moved our classes around to try and cater for more kids. We are looking forward to the new classes but ask parents and carers to be understanding as we iron out any creases.


During the Christmas Break, we had Australia's U12 International Level 8 champion, Meisie Bakhach, contact us asking if we could open the Gym for her to train. Meisie lives in Victoria and trains at Waverly Gymnastics and is currently on track to compete at the Commonwealth games; if Meisie places there, the next step is the Olympics in 2020. 
As Meisie is a fulltime gymnast, holidays don’t exist. Her family had to beg her gym, to allow her to spend a week in Ulladulla with her father and Aunty for Christmas. Luckily, her coaches agreed, and she was able to holiday in the area for 5 days; but gym wasn't to stop. She was given a strict program to complete every day whilst holidaying here and was required to come into the hall and train for a few hours. Not only was she required to complete that, she had to find a physiotherapist to attend and was not even allowed to walk on the beach with no shoes on. Life as a full time gymnast is exceptionally strict.
Once we knew that we would be able to open the gym, we asked our level 3+ gymnasts if they would like to come in and watch Meisie as well as train along side her. The girls jumped on the opportunity and had a fantastic time watching and learning new drills and strength ideas from her. Meisie thoroughly enjoyed having a relaxed environment to train in, at her own pace for 4 hours. If Meisie’s coaches are happy with how she trained whilst away from the gym, her Aunty who lives in town is hoping that she may be able to holiday here with her father once every 6 months.
We hope to see her again in the near future.

Term 4 Newsletter 2015

Our BIG Thankyou’s for the year…

We have had a fantastic year this year and would like to take this time to say thankyou to all parents and carers for their support and assistance throughout the year; we are very grateful for your dedication. Thankyou to one of our Levels Coaches, Jodie, who has undertaken 2 large courses and attended a 2 day conference to gain more qualifications and coaching knowledge for our levels girls. We are very fortunate to have her & her commitment throughout the year. We look forward to the years to come with her.
Our levels girls would also like to say a big thankyou to Suze, Kev and Sean for coaching them whilst Skye was absent for a few weeks.
And finally, we would like to thank our Committee for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, anybody who is a part of a sporting/schooling committee would understand that without the team work of a committee, running the club would be extremely difficult.

Attention Kindergymers

There will be a Kindergym Kinderfest in Rooty Hill, Sydney on the 1st of November 2015. If anyone is inter-ested in attending, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Skye on 0432 362 316 before Thursday 10th October 2015.

Mark Your Calendar

NO GYM dates:
2nd - 6th November (Art Week)
30th November 

Upcoming Competition Dates
1st November - Selected Level 1-6 Gymnasts— Nowra

Combined High Schools State Championships

On the 4th August, 4 of our gymnasts were lucky enough to attend State Champs in Glendale, Newcastle. The girls had a fantastic day and en-joyed the experience of competing in a different gym and making new friends. We are very proud of them for their efforts and thank their parents for allowing them to attend.

End of year display

Our end of year display will be held on Friday 11th December 5pm at the Ulladulla High School. At the end of year display we have the children display skills and routines that they have learnt throughout the year and put them into a performance for their parents carers friends and families.

It is a fantastic afternoon for the children and they enjoy showing off their new skills. During the display we draw an end of year raffle, the children all receive a participation trophy and then we have a presentation of coaches awards and perpetual trophies.

We will be running a sausage sizzle on the afternoon and have our leotard stand out for any last minute Christmas gifts. We ask that parents bring a small something to put towards our Christmas hamper that will be raffled off during the display.

Children may need to wear a certain colour, outfit, leotard, top for the end of year display but an email will be sent out to all parents once the decision has been made.


Helping Out

Helpers are very much appreciated at the end of the classes to assist the coaches with putting away the equipment.

Ulladulla Gymnastics Club is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers and there is always room for any parents who may like to lend a hand in the organising and running of the club.

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