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General Overview

At Ulladulla Gymnastics Club we provide a variety of different classes to suit children from 18months through to teenagers.

We begin at Kindergym which is suitable for children 5 and under and provide a different circuit for the children to complete each week. This is a parent and child participating class and is held twice a week at the Milton Basketball stadium.

Our Recreational classes are available for children 5+ and held after school at the Ulladulla High School for an hour. This is a participant only class and ask parents to ‘drop and run’. We find that having the parents sitting in the venue watching their child is a distraction for not only the participant but also the coach as it is harder to watch all the children. In this class we range the difficulty of skills to suit the children participating. Upon arrival, they are to mark their names off and enter the hall to begin the warm up as a large group. Then they are divided into smaller groups and rotate throughout all the apparatus’ before having a cool down and receiving their sticker. Parents are required to come into the hall to pick up their child. We do not permit children to run out to the car.

Boys gymnastics is for ages 5+ and held after school once a week for 2 hours. Here they are able to participate in both trampolining and general gymnastics. We unfortunately do not have the 6 apparatus’ that the men compete on but the boys are able to train on the rings, ropes, uneven bars, trampolines, floor and vault.

We offer trampolining classes for both competitive and non competitive children. The minimum age to begin trampolining is 8. We have 2 classes available and will be placed in a class suited to your needs. Within this class we accommodate for double mini tramp and trampolining.

Our Women’s competitive program is offered to children that are selected from the recreational classes and to children who show commitment and potential to move up through the competitive program. This class is run twice a week with a strength program also available. There are 10 levels within competitive gymnastics and we currently offer levels 1 through to 6.
Level 1 and 2 compete a set of skills provided by the competition hosting venue which the gymnasts will complete. They will then receive a ribbon based on their ability to perform the skill. The general banding that is provided is

BLUE: Excellent or near perfect execution – May have small imperfections in posture or landings
RED: Very good execution – May have a few small errors
GREEN: Good execution and satisfactory performance – May have a major error or lots of small errors
YELLOW: Satisfactory execution with skill completed but with many errors in execution and poor posture, wobbles, uncontrolled landings etc.
ORANGE Needs improvement, many major errors, or skills with spot

Level 3+ gymnasts have a set routine on each apparatus and their floor routines are required to be completed to music. All routines are provided to us by Gymnastics Australia and change every Olympic cycle.
Their competition results will vary depending on where they are competing. Generally Level 3 and 4 gymnasts are banded on each apparatus and an overall banding.

Apparatus Ribbons-
Blue: 9.50 & above
Red: 9.00 – 9.49
Green: 8.50 – 8.99
Yellow: 8.00 – 8.49
Orange: 7.99 & below

All Around Medals-
Gold: 36.00 & above
Silver: 34.00 – 35.99
Bronze: 33.99 & below

Levels 5 and beyond are placed 1st – 6th place.
Progressing through the National levels program is dependant on the child’s ability and not by a time frame or age.

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